The Wait is Almost Over…

Yesterday, April 13th marked the beginning of the end for the new album we’ve been patiently waiting for. Early in the morning, news spread quickly about the release of the new billboards of Haim across the world. Currently they reside in London, Berlin, and Southern California (on the way to the famous festival Coachella). 

The billboard is just promoting the band. We’re not sure when it’s coming but we know it’s near. 

On top of it, the girls have updated all their social media, including the infamous twitter picture #RIP. 

Yesterday, Haim the Street Team welcomed new followers. We just wanted to take the to thank you and welcome you to our page. We are three Haim fans from the United States and Argentina, with a goal to promote the girls, the new album and occasionally have special projects for our favorite sisters. We hope you enjoy and help us with our goal. 

Here’s to the new era of music, tour, photo shoots, music videos, and more!

May, Gracie and Isabella 

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